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In the Dutch language we have this great word "Voorpret". It roughly translates to "fun before" and referes to the joy of anticipating something, which at times can be even greater than the joy you experience from actually getting it.
I love this feeling, which is why I love to look forward to new releases.

At the start of each calendar year, I make a top 5 of "Most Anticipated New Releases", which I will make an effort to read during that year. Once read, reviews will be linked below. 

If you would like some more reading inspiration, I have made a list of my top 3 to 5 releases per calender month. Note that these monthly releases may change throughout the year. Releasedates may change, I may learn of new books and lose interest in others. Feel free to  comment or send me a recommendation via Goodreads if you feel I missed something I might enjoy.

TOP 5 of 2019

The Gilded Wolves - Roshani Chokshi

A cruel and darkly fascinating world, filled with corrupt secret societies and hidden undercurrents. A cast of diverse, morally grey characters, all with their own illusive talent. Finally, add in a heist narrative in the style of Six of Crows, told by the incredibly talented Roshani Chokshi, and I am sold.
My pre-order is out: I cannot wait for this book to be in my hands.

Releasdate: January 15th 2019
My Rating 5/5 stars
This was as good, if not better than I had hoped!
Review can be found here


The Girl Aquarium - Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell is one of my favorite authors as well as one of my favorite people in the bookcommunity, and I will pretty much read anything she comes out with.

The Girl Aquarium is a short story collection, that explores the realm of rotten fairy tales, the possession of body and the definition of beauty. Weaving between whispered science and circus, these poems turn a cracked mirror on society and ask who gets to control the twisted tales hiding in the wings.
Jen Campbells writing often deals with themes of disability and disfigurement, body image, identity and acceptence in a magica, yet completely harrowing way that really show Campbells personal insight and wisdom on the subject.
I can't wait for this collection and her words to make their way into my heart, as I'm fairly sure they will.

Releasedate: April 25th 2019
My Rating 5/5 stars

Reivew can be found here



Middlegame - Seanan McGuire

By the author of The Wayward Childrens series, Middlegame is a fantasy novel, set in a world ruled by alchemical magic and shadowy organizations, about twins separated at birth, who may posess the potential to become the most powerfull beings in the universe. 
Not only does any fantasyrelease containing alchemy have my automatic interest, both this world ánd the story seem incredible. Topped with Seanan McGuires beautiful writing, what could go wrong...?


Releasedate: May 7th 2019
To be read


House of Salt and Sorrow - Erin A. Craig

The House of Salt and Sorrow is a debut novel that I frankly don't know too much about, yet I was swept away by the premise. A seaside setting, ghostly visions, a series of tragedies that might have its roots in a family curse.
I frankly don't need to know too much more in order to be intrigued. I will for sure be picking this one up come August.

Releasedate: August 6th 2019
To be read



The Starless Sea - Erin Morgenstern

A few years ago, I read The Nightcircus for the first time, and fell in love with Erin Morgensterns writing. Ever since, I've been waiting for her to announce a new release. November 5th 2019 is finally going to be the day! 
Instead of giving you a summary of what this is about, I'll just link you to the synopsis, as I feel Erins beautiful language does better job of explaining than I ever could. Suffice to say: I can't wait! The Starless Sea is by far my most anticipated release of 2019, and it pains me that it's also still the furthest away.

Releasedate: November 5th 2019
To be read