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In the Dutch language we have this great word "Voorpret". It roughly translates to "fun before" and referes to the joy of anticipating something, which at times can be even greater than the joy you experience from actually getting it.
I love this feeling, which is why I love to look forward to new releases.

At the start of each calendar year, I make a post about my "Most Anticipated New Releases", which I will make an effort to read during that year. Once read, reviews will be linked below. 

If you would like some more reading inspiration, I have made a list of my top 3 to 5 releases per calender month. Use the buttons below to navigate to the year you want to see. Note that these monthly releases may change throughout the year. Releasedates may change, I may learn of new books and lose interest in others. Feel free to  comment or send me a recommendation via Goodreads if you feel I missed something I might enjoy.

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