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Diverse Reading Guides & Sensitivity Reads

As a sensitivity reader, editor and reviewer, I've always had an interest in inclusive, diverse literature, and representation of minorities and more sensitive topics, especially when it comes to childrens- and young-adult fiction. I've personally found a lot of healing in these stories about experiences that aren't always easy to talk about. Growing up, I didn't have a place to easily find these stories, so I decided to create one for anyone looking for it. 
Most of these topics I've reviewed from a place of personal experience (grief, chronic illness, disability, etc.) and for others I've consulted fellow readers for their own voices opinion and feedback (e.g. novels on cultural- or racial discrimination). My goal is to create a safe libary-collection, where every reader can find themselves on the page.
Each list contains my books I've read and recommend, divided by age-category, including a short description and link to their respective Goodreads pages for easy adding. Trigger warnings are provided where relevant.

Note: these are running lists that are perpetually updated and changing as I read more.


monochromatische Flower
Een meisje dat verdrietig is

(Healing from) Trauma

De vlag van de regenboog

Genre Favourites and Thematic Recommendations

Although my genre favourites may speak for themselves, thematic recommendations are based on topics that I'm personally passionate about, or topics that have been requested by you. These are usually a little more "niche" or specific than my genre-favourites and may overlap with some of my diversity-guides. Feel free to send me a request for any other topic you'd like to see covered.

Note: these are running lists that are perpetually updated and changing as I read more.

fantasy favourites2.jpg
Sci-fi game artwork
Boek en koffie
Horror silhouet
roze natuur
Chirurgen tijdens operatie
Een dagboek schrijven
Griekse Oud Beeldhouwwerk van Warrior

Seasonal Recommendations

As the seasons change, so might our cravings for specific books. In the mood for some weather appropriate books, or already planning for your favourite season: these guide might give you some inspiration.
Additionally, you'll find a link to the page where I list my favourite reads, by year in which I read them. If only for a reference to myself for the types of things I liked during the different "seasons" of my life.

Boom in de sneeuw
Pink Blossom
Strand golven
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