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The Book Junkie Trials TBR

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Readathons scare me... Monthly TBRs scare me... Competitive reading and anything even remotely like that scares me… And for that reason, I’ve never done any of those things.

Well, in July I’ll be breaking all of my own rules, as I’ve found a readathon that had me só excited that I couldn’t possibly pass it up. I'm talking about The Book Junkie Trials. This readathon was created by the amazingly Rachael from Rachael Marie Book Junkie, and has all the fantasy- and RPG- elements that I love. I highly recommend you visit Rachaels Twitter or watch her Announcement video on Youtube, for all the details on the readathon. Be sure to give her all the love and credits she deserves, for the incredible amount of effort and creativity she put into this.

In order to join this readathon, you must choose a class/team to join, and follow their path on the map to reach the Bookie Grail. I’m going to be joining team Scribes.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can also attempt to complete all of the 17 challenges, in order compete for the title of “Queens Champion”.

The High Queendom Questmap - Credit to Rachael Marie

Now don’t get me wrong: the chances of me completing all of these challenges in a month (especially during my clinical rotations), are about as close to zero as you can get. Depending on how hard neuro will kick my butt, though, I might still be able to complete a few more than the required 5. I got a little carried away in my enthousiasm, and ended up creating a TBR for all of the challenges. I'm of course going to star off with the 5 that match my team, and see how far I come if I have time left over. Even if I get to none of the others, they might still help someone else in compiling your own TBRs. Without further ado, let’s get into my complete TBR for The Book Junkie Trials:

The Path of the Scribes Strength: You can change one entry along the way Weakness: You must at least 1 book over 500 pages Teamleader: Sophiesticated Books

1. Dwarf Mount: You spot a fair tavern wench, however the Dwarf Mines, grimey and dusty, didn’t evoke a very romantic feeling. Read a book with a hint of romance to get you in the mood. As someone who doesn’t typically enjoy romance books, I’m a little nervous about this first prompt. My pick will be a reread of a book I've read years ago, and wanted to revisit for a long time now.

2. Apothecary Towers: Where the wizards dwell. Tricksters. They have blind-folded you and randomised all your books. Choose a book at random from your bookshelf. I used a random number generator to pick a number on my Goodreads to-read shelf. I don’t even own 10% of the books on that shelf, and don’t have instant excess to the majority of the others via my library, so if that was the case, I drew again. My number was 102, which corresponds to:

If my library reservation doesn’t come through in time, I’ll use my “strength” to change this entry.

3. The Great Library: Ahh the great archives… Find and read a book that has been on your TBR forever. It’s not only been on my TBR forever, but has been on my last two monthly TBR’s as well, and I still haven’t read it. July is the month… it has to be.

4. The Drowning Deep: The Whirlpool... is so.... mesmerising. Read a book with rich world-building that will suck you into its own world, instead. When thinking of books with incredible worldbuilding, the first book that comes to my mind is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. What could be a better pick for this prompt than, then its sequel:

5. The Bookie Grail: Here you find a lost manuscript, delivered on this forgotten island by a fallen star. Read the group book:


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