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Review: The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

Genre: High fantasy Published: Gollancz, March 2007 Rating: 5/5 stars, all time favourite

All the stars for this book!

I was putting it off for so long, as my expectations were through the roof based on everything I had heard about it. I was basically setting myself up for disappointment, as no book could ever live up to the standards I had set. Right...? Wrong! The name of the wind met my unrealistic expectations and then some. I cannot (yet) put my finger on the magic of this book but it had me invested from page one, where Patrick Rothfuss describes “the silence In three parts”. His writing is incredible, lyrical but not over the top, funny at times and completely engrossing throughout the book. With just this one book, I feel safe to add Mr Rothfuss to one of my favourite authors I have ever read. Take my hard-earned money, dear sir: I will probably buy anything you write without question, possibly in multiple languages!

As far as the story is concerned I have heard some people say it is unoriginal. While I understand where they are coming from I disagree. Patrick Rothfuss’ take on fantasy is one of the most vivid ones I have ever read. He brings his world to life, in a way that very few other authors did for me. Every “trope” he makes his own: the magic with the Names feels unique and believable. His Draccus is unlike any dragon I have ever read about. His “chosen one/protégé protagonist” may not be the perfect hero he makes himself out to be...

Whilst reading this book, I was torn between wanting to burn the midnight oil to finish it and wanting to slow it down and treasure the amazing feeling this book gave me. It both inspired and daunted me to write again (as I know I will probably never create this kind of a masterpiece), it took me out of reality in a very difficult time and send some of its warm atmosphere with me.

I cannot wait to read book 2, or for that matter book three, but dear Pat, I will not beg you to hurry it up. One cannot rush genius and if book three is anything like its predecessor, it will be nothing short of that.

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