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Fall-Time, Cosy-Time Booktag

1. Crunching leaves: the world is full of colour. Chose a book that has reds, oranges and yellows on the cover. Allow me to take the opportunity to talk about 3 of my favourite books that happen to foot this bill: The Martian by Andy Weir, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and The Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor. If you haven’t read any of these books; please be sure to give them a chance!

2. Cosy sweaters: it’s finally warm enough to don warm, cozy clothing. What book gives you the warm fuzzies? What exactly are “the warm fuzzies”…? If you mean that kind of cozy-homey feeling that some books can give you, that you can’t quite describe but we all know what it feels like…? That…? I think most books on my favourite list will foot that bill, simply because they mean a lot to me. Alternatively: I’ve been reading more Middlegrade novels lately, and find they also often give me that feeling. Take for example August Isle by Ali Standish, The Hour of Bees by Lindsey Eagar or Departure Time by Truus Matti: all of which I (re-)read as an adult, and all of which gave me all the fuzzies…

3. Fall storm: the wind is howling and the rain is pounding. Choose your favourite book or genre to read during a storm. Anything really, as that sounds like the perfect type of reading weather to me. Other than the standard answer of fantasy or gothic horror, I’d probably say: something with beautiful language, like some well-written magical realism or literary fiction. For some reason, those type of books appeal to me more in the darker seasons than during the summer. I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I’ve found that during the winter, I find it easier to get completely lost in an authors beautiful writing and language, whilst during the summer, I’ll sometimes prefer a “lighter type of read”. And I don’t just mean thematically, but also when it comes to the writing style.

4. Cool crisp air: who’s the coolest character, you’d like to trade places with? I tried to think of a more original answer, but I honestly don’t have one… It’s Hermione Granger, has always been Hermione Granger and will always be Hermione Granger. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts, and who wouldn’t want to do so with all the bravery, smarts and sass of our favourite female witch of all time.

5. Hot apple cider: what underhyped book do you want to see become the next hottest thing?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you all are sleeping on Kirsty Logan as an author! I wish more people would read either The Gracekeepers or The Gloaming by her, as I truly think both are more than worth.

6. Coats, scarves and mittens: the weather has turned cold and it’s time to cover up. What’s the most embarrassing book cover you own, that you like to keep hidden in public. I thought I didn’t have an answer for this one, but oh boy: I sure do. One of my all-time favourite books is The House of God by Samuel Shem, a novel filled to the brim with dark humor and cynicism about the first years of a medical intern in an American hospital. My edition of this book however, is an absolute abomination. It does not represent the content of the story at all, and will make it look like you’re reading some type of cringy, wattpad-doctors-romance story, instead of what it actually is. This is probably one of the few bookcovers that I’d actually cover up when reading it in public.

7. Pumpkin spice: what’s your favourite fall-time comfort food? Soup! I love me my soups all year round, but especially during the colder seasons. I’ll basically appreciate any type of soup, as long as it’s vegetarian, but my favourites during autumn are probably spicy pumpkin, or mushroom-soup.

That concludes the Fall-Time, Cosy Time Book Tag, originally created by Novels and Nonsense on Youtube. I hope you enjoyed, and would love to hear: what's your favourite fall-read?


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