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Autumn Book Tag

1. What is your favourite thing about autumn? In recent years, autumn weather in the Netherlands has been in a bit of an identity crisis. We flipflop between rainy days and cold temperatures that require sweaters, scarfs and hot drinks to stay warm, only to have an Indian summer with temperatures over 25 degrees just a few days later. I personally love that duality (although the implications of it, regarding climate change terrify me), and it makes me enjoy both types even more. Additionally, I love the atmospheric nature of this entire season: people combating the incoming cold and shortening days with cosy scarves, candle lights and good company. There’s something beautiful to that contrast to that.

2. What book reminds you of your school days? These are not going to be very original ones. First of all: the Harry Potter series, as I read most of them around autumn for the first time, while in school. Other books that come to mind are the Doran series by Monica Furlong, as I remember bringing those books to school, and reading them after I’d finish my work in class during my last years of middle school.

3. What cover reminds you of autumn? The first one that comes to mind is one that is on my autumn TBR-pile for this year: House of Glass by Susan Fletcher, for obvious reasons. The colourscheme and the autumnal leaves are a given.

4. What is your favourite horror or Halloween story? This is more difficult than I thought it would be… I don’t read too many “hardcore horror novels”, but have a lot of favourites that have that atmospheric, slightly unsettling vibe to them. One of my all-time favourite books is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, which could be considered a Halloween-read in a way. Most recently, I adored the first book in The Diviners Series by Libba Bray, which would make for a perfect Halloween read as well.

5. What is your favourite horror or Halloween film? There are honestly two types of Horror movies that I enjoy watching: first of all, the ones that have genuinely good stories and actually deeply unsettle me. Those are the type of movies that become all-time favourites and stick with me for a long time, even when I don’t particularly like to watch them over and over again. Some examples of this are Hereditary, Annihilation, and recently the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. Then there’s the ones that I like to watch over and over on repeat on Halloween. Spoiler alert: most of them are not actually as terrifying. One of my favourite things to watch over and over is It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, as I watched a lot of Snoopy with my mum when I was little, and it brings back great memories for me.

6. What fall book release are you looking forward to? Fall is usually my favourite release-season for books, and this year is no different. My most anticipated release of the year, The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern is coming out in November. Additionally, I’m very much looking forward to Things we Say in the Dark by Kirsty Logan, and The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake, both released in October.

7. What autumn movie release are you most anticipating? I don’t have one currently.

8. What are three books you plan to read this autumn? I have a full autumn TBR up already, which you can find here.

I haven’t been able to find the original creator of this tag, so I’ll just link where I found it. If you know the original creator, please let me know, so I can properly credit them.


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